Is This A Scam?

Is Venapro A Scam?

When I was doing my research before purchasing Venapro I found this question on a few forums.

The weird thing was a few people that called it a scam WERE NOT talking about the actual product.

They were screaming SCAM about the return policy. If you read the website carefully (which these people obvious did not), the terms for receiving a refund seem pretty clear.

Here’s the return policy. If you don’t like it, send it back and they’ll give you your money back.
(seems pretty simple to me)

These weirdos were screaming scam because THEY had to pay the return shipping! That’s right, they wanted Venapro to give them their money back (even if they used all the
product) and pay to have the product returned.

I didn’t find any other mention of a scam when it came to the Venapro Hemorrhoid Treatment.

I find it sad that in today’s economic environment people would label a USA based manufacturer as a scam just because the purchaser didn’t take the time to read the details. And, if
every company gave their product out with a money back guarantee AND paid for all the expenses like return shipping there would be a lot of unethical people taking advantage of
them. And, it would be hard for a company to stay in business with that policy. Don’t we want these companies to make money and hire workers? Makes me wonder if the same
“entitled” people who were screaming “scam” because they had to pay return shipping are also the ones screaming at the government when are manufacturing jobs get shipped

I think Venapro’s refund policy is extremely fair, thankfully I liked the product and didn’t have to ask for a refund. I was also pleasantly surprised when I found out Venapro was
manufactured in the USA.

What Are The Ingredients Of Venapro

What’s In Venapro¬† (Ingredients)

I did a little digging to find out exactly what is in Venapro. There ingredients are all homeopathic, naturalistic herbs and extracts.

Here’s the list

– Bilberry (reported to help increase blood flow to the area)

– Horse Chestnut (reported to help reduce inflammation)

– Zinc Oxide (known to soothe and reduce irritation and itchiness)

– Bilberry (reported to increase blood flow)

– Mullein (ingredient to reduce infection related swelling)

By mixing these ingredients together in a strategic way the patient gets a powerful natural formula to combat hemorrhoids.